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Tue, July 26, 2016
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    The idea behind the Charlotte Doctors Directory is a lofty one - give people basic information about every doctor in Charlotte County so that an informed decision can be made when choosing medical care.

    The basic information listed for all doctors includes, of course, a name, address and telephone number, as well information on what hospital with which the doctor is associated.

    For an annual fee, doctors can have an online site that includes:

    • A photo on the main directory listings (so that your listing stands out). The main directory listings are what a person gets when they first search for, say, all cardiologists. Only the doctors who buy the comprehensive package will get a photo.
    • A link from the main directory listings to your Website via a link that says, "Meet the Doctor."
    • Your Website will feature:
      1. A much larger photo
      2. A link to a form where people can send you E-mail
      3. A personalized greeting from you where you welcome readers to your site
      4. A thorough listing of all hospitals with which you are affiliated
      5. What insurance you accept
      6. A listing of your education
      7. A listing of professional associations of which you are a member

    Want More?

    The comprehensive package, as you can see, has a set "look," and that's why it comes with a simple, annual fee. If you should choose, however, Sunline's Web design unit also can create a personalized Website for you.

    Such a site can feature photos of your staff, more details about your profession and accomplishments, photos of your office, space for a regular medical column that you or your staff can write, audio greetings from you...and so much more.

    Contacting Us

    Contacting us is simple. If you choose, we can send somebody to your office to get the needed information, as well as take your photo.

    Contact Web Advertising at:
    Phone: 941-235-3706

    We welcome you to and to what will become one of the first stopping places for new residents, snowbirds and others choosing a doctor for the first time.

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